We recently spoke with Lucy Goff, founder of LYMA, a pioneering brand in the wellness industry.

In 2018, LYMA launched the world’s most advanced supplement, heralding a new era for the industry. The LYMA ecosystem has continued to evolve since Pembroke’s initial investment in 2018, with the creation of the world’s most powerful at-home laser device and a skincare range which has been hailed as a breakthrough in combating signs of skin ageing.

Having experienced first-hand through a previous investment how difficult it was to gain credibility in the supplement market, LYMA stood out as a point of difference to us. LYMA’s supplement formula incorporates patented ingredients carefully dosed at active levels to ensure optimal effectiveness. The extensive research supporting these ingredients and their dosages is derived from over 200 clinical trials, further attesting to the scientific rigour behind LYMA’s approach. Additionally, the Laser is the first ever clinic-grade beauty laser to be cleared by the FDA for home use.

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