September Newsletter

We are delighted to bring you some exciting updates from Pembroke VCT. In the year leading up to July 2023, we have committed £8 million to new companies and an additional £13 million to the current portfolio. Our assets under management are now at £216 million, featuring a diverse portfolio of over 40 growth-stage companies.

At Pembroke, our ‘milestone’ approach is focused  on delivering long-term stable capital growth, accompanied by annual dividends and special dividends upon profitable exits. Our approach centres on investing in a diversified portfolio of companies operating within three key sectors: Consumer, Technology and Business Services.

In this edition, we will introduce you to our latest investment into SeatFrog as well as provide updates on the following portfolio companies; LYMA, Secret Food Tours, One Plan, Thriva, HotelMap, Credentailly, COAT and Smartify.  We are also shining a spotlight on the travel industry, which is experiencing a post-covid boom according to industry experts and Pembroke portfolio company founders including HotelMap, Secret Food Tours and Seatfrog.

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