March newsletter 2022

March newsletter 2022

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Pembroke VCT is now a £180 million fund with a maturing portfolio of over 40 growth-stage companies. In the 12 months to December 2021, we are proud to have increased our total return from 127.2p to 148.3p per share, as well increased our NAV by +10.1p to 123.3p per share. We are also excited to be backing the next chapter of growth for exceptional entrepreneurs in our portfolio, continuing with our stepping-stone investment philosophy, completing 17 follow-on investments (totalling £20 million) and 7 new company investments (totalling £8.7 million).

Having launched our offer in September 2021, we have raised £35 million (as of 16 March 2022) out of our £60 million target, with just under one month to go before the end of the tax year.

In this issue, we would like to tell you about our new £3 million investment into the fascinating surgical software company Cydar Medical, in addition to welcoming TALA and Annie Mals to the portfolio.