Coaching Confident Communication

“You have 20 seconds to grab your audience’s attention.”

In March we brought together a few of our Founders at The Ned for a workshop with Cavendish and Compsure Media.

The event focused on the vital elements required to deliver a persuasive pitch, specifically targeted towards fundraising.

Cavendish gave us an insightful overview of the current fundraising environment as they delved into the best time to fundraise, the key points you should draw out during the pitching process and who to target. Thank you Zuleika Salter and Tom Holland-Hibbet for a thought-provoking session.

Luisa Baldini and Louisa Preston shared their learnings on confident communication from their time as BBC broadcast journalists, having covered some of the world’s leading news stories in their collective 40-year career and how those skills are transferable to you in business.

The workshop was full of inspiration, interactive discussion and practical exercises geared towards transformative communication.

A few of our key takeaways include:

80% of communication is non-verbal. Pay attention to the speed of your voice. Incorporate pausing frequently and pay attention to your body language, exercising open body language and eye contact when you are delivering a pitch.   

Confidence boosters before you are about to pitch: visualise the moment of delivery and you will execute it better, use the ‘power pose’ before pitching and ensure you have an elevator pitch up your sleeve. 

Pitching tips: You have 20 seconds to grab your audience’s attention so the simpler the message, the better it will land. Step out of the corporate jargon and talk to people personally. This will also help you remember your pitch, making you feel more at ease. 

Tell a story and conclude with impact: Ensure your presentation tells an engaging narrative and leave your audience with food for thought. 

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