Branding Workshop with Sonder & Tell

Branding Workshop with Sonder & Tell

How do you build a compelling brand story that customers will resonate with?

We recently hosted an Branding Workshop for our founders in partnership with Kate Hamilton and Lucinda Toole from Brand Strategy agency, Sonder & Tell to find out what makes a good story and how companies should apply this framework to create an authentic brand.

Humans are 22 times more likely to remember facts when they are delivered in the form of a story. The session therefore took founders through the following framework to help build their brand story:

  • Your hero – who is your customer?
  • Your Journey – your hero is going on a journey of transformation but they need a guide.
  • Your Guide & Magic Power – the USP of your brand will help the hero on their journey.

When a brand communicates in an effective manner with their customers, it helps them make a quick decision about why they should chose them over their competitors and formulates a strong brand identity.

Thank you Sonder & Tell for hosting and to all founders and management teams who came along!