VIEVE is the aspirational and purposeful makeup brand transforming the cosmetic landscape. Meaning ‘full of life’, VIEVE was founded to empower and encourage ‘all make-up wearers’ with its inclusive range.

Born from artistic passion and purposeful belief in the positive impact makeup can have, makeup artist and beauty digital creator Jamie Genevieve, who has a cult following of over three million social media followers, established VIEVE in 2020 to deliver high performance yet accessible products to the beauty community.

At the heart of VIEVE is a passionate team led by CEO Emma Dawson, a beauty industry expert with significant experience at L’Oreal LUXE where she left in 2017 to set up her own boutique PR agency prior to taking on her role at VIEVE. The investment will be used to further build out the team’s expertise, develop products and expand the brand globally.

Date of investment November 2022
Cost of investment £1,000,000
% of ownership 3.7%
Latest valuation of Pembroke investment £1,000,000

I love hearing stories about everyone’s unique experiences with beauty. I feel a responsibility to the beauty community to ensure VIEVE is delivered to give each person the best experience possible tailored to their uniqueness.
Jamie Genevieve
Founder and Chief Creative Officer of VIEVE