Thriva was founded in 2016 and provides affordable, clinical-grade insights with their at-home blood test kits.

Thriva is a proactive healthcare service, which offers at-home blood tests for a range of health markers such as Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, liver function, folate and iron. Consumers receive the testing kit in the post, and use the apparatus included to take a blood sample via a simple pin-prick.

The sample is sent to the lab in a return envelope; results are NHS-grade and available within 48 hours. Before being made available to the customer the results are reviewed by a team of qualified GPs who provide explanatory notes as well as clear personalised actions in a bespoke report – this is made available via an online portal.

Date of investment July 2019
Cost of investment £1,330,000
% of ownership 5.2%
Latest valuation of Pembroke investment £10,376,000

‘We track how many steps we take but don’t track how our bodies are changing on the inside. Thriva is making that possible.
Hamish Grierson
Thriva Founder

Helped over 100,000 customers
understand how their lifestyle is impacting their health