Secret Food Tours

Founded in 2013 by friends Nico Jacquart and Oliver Mernick-Levene, Secret Food Tours helps travellers discover the best bites in destinations all over the globe.

Date of investment
September 2018
Cost of investment
% of ownership
Latest valuation of Pembroke investment

Secret Food Tours is a rapidly-growing food and beverage tour company that has developed a scalable and profitable approach to global expansion. At the heart of Secret Food Tours are its flagship events, which revolve around high-end food tours, culinary events and nightlife tours. These experiences go beyond the typical tourist attractions, aiming to immerse participants in the local food culture and provide them with an authentic and unforgettable gastronomic adventure.

The company operates in 58 top-tier cities across four continents. Led by passionate guides, the tours highlight the foods loved by locals and overlooked by tourists, creating an authentic and truly delicious experience.

Our first tour began as a pub crawl in London, but we saw greater opportunity within the tourism industry for food tours.
Nico Jacquart, SFT Founder
58 cities
High-end food tours led by passionate guides

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