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Second Home

Second Home offers flexible and modern office space for fast‑growing technology firms and creative businesses.

Date of investment
March 2014
Cost of investment
% of ownership
Latest valuation of Pembroke investment

Second Home is a distinguished provider of office spaces that seamlessly blends architectural design with top-notch amenities. With a focus on catering to businesses needing flexible arrangements, Second Home offers an impressive and well-equipped environment for companies to establish their operations, regardless of their desired duration of stay.

One of the key strengths of Second Home is its commitment to creating aesthetically pleasing and functional workspaces. The company understands the importance of a well-designed environment in promoting productivity and creativity. By integrating innovative architectural design, Second Home sets itself apart from traditional office spaces, offering users a visually inspiring and invigorating atmosphere.

Second Home has established its presence in prominent locations across the globe. Currently, the company operates sites in London, Lisbon and Los Angeles. These cities were chosen strategically due to their vibrant business landscapes and cultural significance. In addition, each location offers its unique advantages, catering to the specific needs and preferences of businesses in those areas.

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