Plenish, founded in 2012, is one of the leading providers of nut milks, now stocked in every major supermarket in the UK and is a fast growing product category.

Pembroke sold its stake in Plenish, the award-winning plant-based milks and plant-powered juice brand, in May 2021. The innovative beverage brand, which was one of our earliest investments in 2013, was acquired by Britvic to boost its plant-based drinks portfolio and cater to the growing demand for healthy and nutritious juices.

Plenish was founded in 2012 by Kara Rosen who after moving from the US saw a gap in the UK market for cold pressed juices with no added sugar. The company’s product offering has since grown to offer a range of plant-based milks and plant-powered juices, that are now widely stocked at major supermarkets. Plenish achieved B Corp status in 2020 and became the first plant-based drinks brand to be carbon negative.

Date of exit May 2021
Pembroke investment £3,900,000
Pembroke proceeds £8,900,000
Return 2.3x

Small changes for your health, and the health of the planet can ladder up to big impact.
Kara Rosen
Founder of Plenish

5 different milks
They also offer cold‑pressed juices in the UK