Peckwater Brands is the creator of data-driven virtual food brands, which develops delivery-only, fully-serviced food concepts to increase revenue for existing restaurants, its franchisees.

Launched by co-founders Leo Bradshaw and Sam Martin in June 2020, Peckwater’s solution allows independent restaurants to optimise their existing kitchen infrastructure, cooking orders for Peckwater Brands alongside their day-to-day operations. Peckwater benefits all parties; it enables restaurants to increase revenue and earnings, provides the consumer with more choice and drives more transactions through delivery platforms.

Peckwater takes a data-driven approach to the creation of its virtual brands, which allows it to analyse food trends and respond quickly, taking a brand from concept to trading in less than a month. Its best performing franchisees are outside of large cities, where consumers are frequently faced with limited choice and a lack of innovation. Peckwater’s virtual brands outperform restaurant own-brands by up to 823%.

Date of investment September 2021
Cost of investment £4,000,000
% of ownership 11.7%
Latest valuation of Pembroke investment £7,486,000