In 2018 LYMA launched the world’s most advanced nutraceutical, heralding a new era for the supplement industry

LYMA was founded in February 2017 with an aspiration to develop a luxury wellness brand. The company worked closely with industry experts and the world’s leading nutritional scientists, combining intensive R&D with the latest technological advances to produce a unique and high-quality, evidence-based nutritional supplement.LYMA’s game changing formula is the most scientifically validated nutraceutical ever produced, clinically proven to actively tackle inflammation, the root cause of ageing and disease. Applauded by Oxford academics, researches and doctors, LYMA has created a new benchmark in Evidence Based Nutrition. Formulated using patented ingredients dosed at active levels, backed by over 200 clinical trials published in peer reviewed journals.

Date of investment December 2018
Cost of investment £2,001,000
% of ownership 20%
Latest valuation of Pembroke investment £9,910,000

LYMA is the new gold standard. Where competitors make claims, LYMA demonstrates scientific results. LYMA will continue to innovate to ensure we deliver the future of wellness today
Simon Goff