Kinteract is a digital education platform that enables collaboration between teachers, students and parents, and provides guidance to aid child development.

It is aimed at those in the early years and schooling sector, both in the UK and internationally. Kinteract is delivered through a simple and elegant interface on desktop, tablet and mobile versions, and allows practitioners, parents and students to record events linked to their learning and development in a collaborative way. Kinteract helps teachers and parents to create a personalised learning journey that is designed to enrich the educational development of a child. The platform facilitates feedback and collaboration between teachers, students and parents through real-time messaging and notifications; it serves data-driven actionable insights and recommendations on a child’s progression, and helps students and parents alike engage with learning through conversations, videos and pictures. Kinteract facilitates the evolution of student performance data from high-stake summative testing (exams) to digital portfolios of work.

Date of Invesment April 2019
Amount Invested £1,250,000
% of ownership 23%
Valuation £1,743,000
We help schools transition to remote learning seamlessly
Shehzad Najib
Founder at Kinteract
80 schools
Implemented in over 80 schools