Hackney Gelato

Established by Enrico Pavoncelli and Sam Newman in 2015

Hackney Gelato was established in 2015 by two former chefs, Enrico Pavoncelli and Sam Newman, who met while working at the renowned Michelin-starred Locanda Locatelli. After they spent a summer in Italy learning from masters of the craft, premium ice-cream brand Hackney Gelato was born.

Date of investment
January 2020
Cost of investment
% of ownership
Latest valuation of Pembroke investment

Hackney Gelato is a thriving business that initially emerged through pop-up stands at food markets in East London. These stands served as a starting point for the business, allowing them to showcase their delicious gelato creations to a diverse range of customers. The positive response and demand for its unique gelato flavours propelled the business forward.

Recognising the quality and popularity of Hackney Gelato’s offerings, local chefs from top London restaurants began to take notice. Impressed by the brand’s commitment to using high-quality ingredients and innovative flavour combinations, these chefs approached Hackney Gelato with requests to feature its gelato in their establishments. This marked a turning point for the business as it expanded its reach beyond the food markets and into fine dining.

Hackney Gelato seized the opportunity to sell its products on Ocado, the popular online grocery platform, making its gelato accessible to a broader audience. Additionally, Hackney Gelato secured partnerships with independent retail outlets, allowing its gelato to be enjoyed by customers beyond the restaurant and online realms. These strategic alliances helped the brand establish a presence in various locations throughout London, enhancing its visibility and customer base.

Leading supplier
to high-end London restaurants
We’re proud to do things properly. Good ingredients, finely tuned recipes and classic Italian slow-churning techniques. It’s how ice cream should be made.
Sam Newman and Enrico Pavoncelli, Hackney Gelato Founders

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