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Founded by Mike Grindy in 2018

Dropless brings digital and sustainable innovation, alongside exceptional customer service, to vehicle owners globally.

Date of investment
March 2021
Cost of investment
% of ownership
Latest valuation of Pembroke investment

Founded by Mike Grindy in 2018, Dropless’ is a tech-enabled, data-driven vehicle care company focussing on sustainable and ethically delivered mobile services. Its services include vehicle washing, maintenance and repair services to customers and business fleets across the UK.

Dropless provide a water-free vehicle cleaning service, saving up to 300 litres of water for every vehicle washed. Its innovative approach also means there is no run-off wastewater or toxic chemicals, helping to preserve the local environment and allowing vehicles to be washed without the need for foul drainage.

Launched initially in Southwest London, Dropless’ tech-enabled service now caters to the likes of Amazon, Royal Mail and DPD. The company has expanded its reach to cover all of London, Surrey, Bath, Bristol and Manchester, with plans for further national growth.

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