Surgical software company Cydar Medical are the ‘sat nav’ for endovascular surgeons

Cydar was launched in 2012 by founders Tom Carell, a vascular surgeon and Graeme Penney, an imaging scientist, having both recognised the difficulty surgeons experience when performing image guided procedures and the resulting inconsistency of patient care. They combined their expertise to develop Cydar Intelligent Maps, with the aim of advancing surgical care and in theatre visualisation and decision-making via one intuitive cloud-based platform.

The first product from Cydar’s Intelligent Maps system, Cydar EV Maps, aids in planning, guiding and review of endovascular surgery using the latest in cloud computing, computer vision and machine learning technology. The Intelligent Maps system generates a 3D model of the surgical plan as well as enhanced, adaptable intra-operative visualisation to simplify the workflow for clinicians. The software, which has been used in the treatment of over 2,000 patients, has proven to reduce procedure time by 20% and radiation exposure for clinical staff and patients by 50%, as well as improve clinical outcomes and cost effectiveness of care.

Date of investment February 2022
Cost of investment £3,000,000
% of ownership 6.6%
Latest valuation of Pembroke investment £3,000,000