COAT's made-to-order paint prioritises sustainable materials, results in zero-waste production and is offered alongside environment-friendly bamboo paint supplies.

COAT was launched to address the negative aspects associated with the $90bn legacy paint industry and meet the needs of a more contemporary consumer by focusing on quality, sustainability and customer experience. Taking advantage of the founders’ combined experience in the paint industry and consumer marketing business, COAT offers a range of hand-made-to-order paints with free next-day delivery.

COAT has simple ‘paint principles’ designed to allow customers to transform their home without the struggle, with just three paint finishes and a curated range of 36 on-trend colours selected and constantly refined, based on customer feedback. Rather than wasteful tester pots, COAT offers fully recyclable peel-and-stick swatches that not only allow customers to compare colours easily in different areas but also achieve 95% less waste than traditional messy tester pots.

Date of investment June 2021
Cost of investment £3,000,000
% of ownership 28.5%
Latest valuation of Pembroke investment £5,260,000