Chucs Restaurants

Chucs Bar & Grill is a Riviera-inspired London restaurant chain.

Date of investment
October 2013
Cost of investment
% of ownership
Latest valuation of Pembroke investment

Chucs Restaurants is a renowned restaurant brand that originated in Mayfair, London, with its first establishment opening its doors on Dover Street in 2014. It quickly gained popularity among locals and visitors alike, known for its sophisticated ambience and high-quality cuisine.

While Chucs is primarily known for its exceptional restaurants, the brand has ventured into cafes. In 2019, two cafes in Kensington and Chelsea were new additions. These cafes complement the existing Chucs Bar and Grill locations, offering a more casual and intimate setting for patrons to indulge in delectable food and beverages.

Whether it’s a fine dining experience at one of the Bar and Grill locations or a cosy café visit, Chucs has established itself as a versatile and reputable brand in London’s culinary scene. With its attention to detail, elegant atmosphere, and commitment to excellent cuisine, Chucs continues to attract locals and tourists seeking a memorable dining experience in the city’s heart.

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