Annie Mals

Founded by Emily Samuels in 2021

A series of books devised to give children confidence to engage with contemporary issues, such as mental health, diversity and introversion.

Date of investment
March 2022
Cost of investment
% of ownership
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Annie Mals was founded by award-winning charity fundraiser Emily Samuels. She was inspired to create Annie Mals after turning her own life-changing problems of severe epilepsy and partial sight into a remarkable call to action. During her time volunteering in hospitals and reading to young children she recognised a need for educational resources that address contemporary issues.

Each story in the Annie Mals series features a protagonist animal that confronts and overcomes a problem, such as Freddie the Jellyfish who is struggling to survive in a sea contaminated by plastic. This story, the first in the series of illustrated books, will be published in June.

Annie Mals plans to develop its book series into a multimedia offering. Following the publication of the first three books, the company will be licensing its characters for television animation and short form YouTube content, with toys, clothing and accessories also in the pipeline.

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