Pembroke VCT invests £2 million into Eave hearing protection system

Pembroke VCT invests £2 million into Eave hearing protection system

Pembroke has made an initial investment of £2 million into Eave, a UK-based tech startup which has developed a unique hearing protection system for construction workers.

Eave was founded in 2015 by Dr David Greenberg to address occupational hearing loss challenges, through the development of its hearing protection system. Eave’s patented technology uniquely combines real-time monitoring and reporting of noise exposure, personalised hearing protection and wireless communication through ‘Peak’, its cloud-based risk monitoring and prevention platform

Eave’s ‘FocusLite’ headset and ‘Peak’ platform feature revolutionary hear-through technology which allows wearers to be more aware of their surroundings whilst also importantly preventing hearing loss; now the greatest modifiable risk factor for developing dementia. Data from ‘Peak’ can also be analysed by health and safety professionals and work-site managers to manage or eliminate noise-related risks.   

Eave is already supplying many of the biggest construction companies in the UK—including Galliford Try Highways, Costain-Skanska and the HS2 project —and plans to use Pembroke’s investment to accelerate its growth, R&D and international expansion through 2021.

Andrew Wolfson, CEO of Pembroke Investment Managers LLP commented; “We first met David in 2017 and have been closely following Eave’s progress since then. Having worked as an NHS Clinical Audiologist and Researcher, he knew the enormity of the problem and we are pleased to have invested at this exciting stage. We look forward to working alongside David and his exceptional management team to help prevent the isolation and loneliness caused by hearing loss.”

Founder and CEO of EAVE, David Greenberg added; “Noise-induced hearing loss is a huge problem – it’s the number one occupational disease in Europe and accounts for about a third of all work-related disease. It’s also extremely prevalent amongst construction workers. Our partnership with Pembroke VCT is incredibly exciting – because it will allow us to double down on our strategy of getting construction businesses to mandate active hearing protection with integrated noise monitoring across all their sites – and get us that bit closer to achieving our long-term goal of totally eliminating the loneliness and isolation caused by hearing loss.”

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