Yasmina Jebai

Investment Associate


Yasmina joined Pembroke as an Investment Associate in November 2023. She splits her time between finding great businesses to partner with and working closely with our existing portfolio companies. Yasmina’s academic background blends human understanding and business acumen with a BSc in Psychology from UCL and an MSc in Business with Accounting and Finance from Warwick Business School.

Prior to joining Pembroke, she worked as a Valuations advisor at BDO where she qualified as an ICAEW Chartered Accountant.

Yasmina digs deep into the “why” behind what we do. She holds a firm belief in the power of positive change and has a soft spot for robust business models that yield both financial returns and positive impact. On a different note, she is also a generative AI enthusiast.

Outside of work, you can catch her in a food market, in the wild hiking or chasing down the best spot for sunset-watching. She loves an adventure and seizes every opportunity to travel and immerse herself in new cultures.