New Share Offer

New Share Offer

19 September 2017

Pembroke VCT plc

New share offer

The board of directors of Pembroke VCT plc (the “Company”) is pleased to announce a new offer for subscription of B Ordinary Shares of up to £20 million, with an over-allotment facility of up to £10 million. It is expected that the new share offer will be available for subscription from November 2017.

The Company has raised approximately £42.8 million (net of costs) since its inaugural offer for subscription in February 2013. As at 30 June 2017, the Company had invested £27.3 million in a diverse portfolio of 26 investments with £15.0 million from the Ordinary Share class and £12.2 million in the B Ordinary Share class.

The B Ordinary Shares are an existing class of share which at 30 June 2017 had an unaudited net asset value of 103.30 pence per share (prior to payment of a final dividend of 2 pence per share to be paid on 26 October 2017).

The new offer will provide investors with immediate access to an existing portfolio of assets in the B Ordinary Share class including high growth opportunities such as Plenish, Sourced Market and Alexa Chung. The Company has also begun the process of realising value from its investments, offering investors the potential to benefit from any sales and reinvestment within the B Ordinary Share portfolio.

Pembroke’s focus on providing development capital to promising growth opportunities allows investors access to an effective investment strategy centred on a carefully selected portfolio of apparel, leisure, hospitality and technology investments, while allowing them to benefit from the tax benefits available to investors in venture capital trusts.

For further information, please contact:

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Oakley Investment Managers LLP (Manager)

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