• There can be no guarantee that the Company will meet all its objectives or that suitable investment pportunities will be identified. The past performance of the Manager and members of the Management Team is no indication of future performance.
  • Investing in a VCT may not be suitable for all Investors and tax reliefs may be lost by Investors or the Company taking or not taking certain steps.
  • The Company’s investments will be in companies whose shares are not readily marketable, and, therefore, difficult to realise, and as a minority investor, the Company may not be able fully to protect its interests. There may also be constraints imposed on the realisation of investments to maintain the VCT tax status of the Company.
  • Investments in private companies can involve a higher degree of risk than investments in larger “blue chip” companies and can result in substantial losses.
  • The Company may be unable to maintain its qualifying status as a VCT, which could result in loss of tax reliefs and adverse tax consequences for Investors.
  • Levels, bases of, and reliefs from, taxation are subject to change, which could be retrospective. The tax reliefs described in this document are based upon current legislation, practice and interpretation and the value of tax reliefs depends upon the individual circumstances of Investors.
  • The Company’s agents and advisers may be involved in other financial, investment or other professional activities which may conflict with the interests of the Company. The Directors will endeavour to ensure such conflicts are resolved fairly.
  • The Company will not benefit from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme and may not be eligible for the Financial Services Ombudsman Scheme.