Media & Technology


Popsa is a photobook app that has reduced the time it takes for customers to produce photobooks from 2 hours to an average of just 6 minutes.
Media & Technology


Stylindex is a platform that helps content producers find the best models, creative talent, and production resources for photoshoots, videos, and events.
Apparel & Accessories


PlayerLayer designs and manufactures customised sports kit for universities, sports clubs and schools.
Apparel & Accessories


Heist is a premium hosiery manufacturer that seeks to redefine how tights can feel and wear.
Health & Fitness


KX Urban (KX U) is a pay‑as‑you‑go development of the established KX luxury gym brand.
Media & Technology


Unbolted provides a platform for peer‑to‑peer secured lending, offering short-term liquidity to individuals seeking bridging facilities.
Media & Technology


Wishi is an innovative fashion technology business that brings together personal styling and online wardrobe management functionality.
Apparel & Accessories

Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung is a model and designer, launching her own fashion label in May 2017.
Apparel & Accessories


ME+EM, founded in 2008, is a contemporary womenswear brand founded by Clare Hornby.